The top 10 most mispronounced place names in the UK have been revealed by the creators of language app Babbel. Frome in Somerset, most commonly pronounced as rhyming with ‘home’, tops the list, average property prices here are just over the UK average. Although English is the second most spoken language in the world, the laws of British English are well known for their...
Older homeowners are increasingly accessing wealth from their properties through equity release. In 2018, 50p of housing wealth was unlocked for every £1 of flexible pension payment, highlighting the role of property wealth to finance later living. The lifetime mortgage market saw the biggest annual increase in new loans compared to other mortgage market sectors for the 3rd...
Across the UK, 95 million cups of the world’s most popular drink (except for water) are consumed daily, whether at home or in one of over 25,000 coffee outlets across the country. From instant to ground, lattes, to cappuccinos, flat whites to expressos, £10.1 billion was spent in coffee outlets across the UK in 2018, the equivalent of 43,402 average-priced UK homes....
8.4 million people, equivalent to one in seven across England, live in ‘unsuitable housing‘, according to a comprehensive report on the housing crisis released by the National Housing Federation. Overcrowding, the inability to afford the rent or mortgage and hidden households (those where people live with friends or relatives as they are unable to afford to move out), are...
The ninth Rugby World Cup commenced this weekend in Japan. 20 teams are set to scrum, kick and tackle it out over 48 matches until the champions are crowned on 2nd November in Yokohama. Based on pre-tournament rankings, Ireland and New Zealand should battle it out in the final, with England and South Africa completing the semi-final teams. However, if based on property price growth,...

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