The DPS report a marked increase in rents in the second quarter, with a 1.8% rise from Q1 2019. This is the largest quarterly increase reported since rents began to decline in Q4 2017. Strongest growth in rents was seen in Scotland (5.4%), largely driven by a steep increase in the average rent paid for flats. London also saw above average growth at 2.2%. The West Midlands and Northern...
Analysis from Dataloft Rental Market Analytics reveals that, over the last three years, on average 22% of each year’s tenancies have begun during August and September. We estimate that this equates to just under 200,000 new tenancies which are set to begin over the coming weeks. The flurry of activity at this time of year is a combination of students seeking accommodation before...
As millions of Brits head off on their summer holidays, 50% are expected to take a ‘staycation’, choosing to remain in the UK to take their main summer holiday and enjoying the wonderful scenery and hopefully beautiful weather. Brexit concerns, the heatwave of 2018, exchange rates and even rising levels of dog ownership, particularly among families, have all increased the...
Over half a million households living in owner occupied homes are expecting to move to a new home within the next six months, accounting for 3.7% of homeowners. This is according to the latest data released by the English Housing Survey for 2017/18. Younger owner occupiers are more likely to be looking for their next home than older households. 6.7% of 25 to 34 year old homeowners and...

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