I had a very interesting chat with a couple from Bromley the other day, whilst viewing one of our rental properties. The property wasn’t for them, but their daughter, who requested a second viewing with her parents to get parental approval. Now I know that isn’t the norm, but in this case the parents were going to act as guarantor.  We got chatting about the Bromley property...
I received a call from a Landlord who had been reading my blog and he was enquiring about what type of property is best to invest in Bromley. Of course there are many different answers to this and it all depends upon your plans for the future, are you looking for growth and then to sell it to fund your pension or travels around the world or are you looking for monthly yield to give you...
The installation of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in all rental properties, both private and social, is to be made compulsory
Changes affecting ASTs in England On 5 th February 2015, the Government announced changes proposed by the Deregulation Bill 2015. The Deregulation Bill intends to restrict a landlord’s ability to rely on a notice ending residential assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) under Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988.   What this means for Section 21 Notices
Landlords are now responsible for ensuring their property in risk assessed for the control of Legionella. We will shortly be contacting all landlords to arrange assessments. For the full report please click here.

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