£3,485 is the estimated average cost of school uniform for a child over the course or their school life (Reception to Year 11). The cost is equivalent to 4.31 months’ of a mortgage repayment or 3.31 months’ of average rent, although there are substantial regional variations. Across the North East and Yorkshire and the Humber, the total cost of kitting out a child for either...
Heres everything you need to know about the latest letting trends in the housing market for Bromley
The UK’s top ten mortgage lenders lent a staggering £211.3 billion in 2018, increasing their market share to 78.7%, up from 77.1% in 2017. The top seven lenders retained the ranking they held in 2017, according to data released by UK Finance. The Yorkshire Building Society and Virgin Money swapped places in 2018, with Clydesdale Bank taking the tenth spot ahead of last...
It has been suggested that low mortgage rates and not a shortage of supply, are behind the huge rise in house prices since the 1990s. Record low interest rates for more than a decade made borrowing so cheap that buyers were able to take on ever increasing amounts of mortgage debt. This contributed significantly to the 160% rise in real house prices across the UK since 1996. In a paper...
12% of tenants who moved into new privately rented homes since the beginning of 2018, were previously living in the owner occupied sector. Unsurprisingly, this percentage is much higher for older tenants. 36% of 50–60 year olds and 42% of over 60s were previously living in owner occupation before choosing to release equity and move into rented accommodation. Meanwhile, almost...

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