It is the time of year when we can look at how property prices in 2016 fared in comparison to the decade preceding it. With property price data still to come through for the end of the year, our estimates paint a promising picture. The average flat price increased by 6.5% to £303,600 and the average house price increased by 7.3% to £562,500 versus 2015 prices
The PRS (Private Rental Sector) in the UK has grown considerably in both size and importance over the last five years and is now worth a staggering £1.29 trillion. To contextualise, that is 1.29 million stacks of pound coins, with each stack being a million coins high. The PRS now makes up 18% of the housing stock in England alone and is expected to rise to more than a third by 2032
The changes in stamp duty and the Brexit vote have made the last 12 months an interesting one.There have been a total of 2,609 sales and we can see that volumes have increased by 18.1% since September 2015. This is stronger than the London region and the national market
A property’s desirability is often a popular subject when we are talking to homeowners and local investors. Sure, you will find that Kirsty and Phil are right, and it is all about "location, location, location", but the savvy property hunter has something else on their minds these days, and that is "education, education, education". More and more people searching for a home are...
Over the last year, every property that was sold in Bromley Common has fallen into one of eight price bands. The adjacent bar chart illustrates this interesting pattern which shows that the £300k-£400k price band had the largest number of sales (581), followed by the £200k-£300k price band (531).

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