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During unprecedented times we are being ever more inventive with the ways we use our living space. For the 9.9 million people in the UK who are members of health and fitness clubs, our homes are now sports venues as we transform our living space to accommodate P.E., dance, yoga, and fitness classes. Meditation is the UK’s favourite form of wellbeing therapy, followed by...
If you’ve been thinking about selling your property in Bromley, it’s likely that you will have to delay putting it on the market in the short term. Here at David James we totally understand that, but you can use the extra time you have right now to get your property market-ready so that when the time comes, your property can go straight to market and achieve a quick sale....
  Here to help you and our community in Bromley  We’re a local business, and we’re proud to serve the people of Bromley . And if there’s one thing this whole crazy and surreal Coronavirus outbreak has highlighted it is at times like these we have to pull together and help each other. And that’s why I’m writing this article. We simply want to...
‘Garden' was the second most popular search term for prospective purchasers across the UK in 2019 according to research by Zoopla, with other amenities such as ‘garage’ and ‘parking’ also among the top three. It is estimated around 90% of UK households have access to a garden and spring is the time to start investing in our outdoor space. The presence of...
Sunday 22nd March marks Mother's Day in the UK. A survey by GlobalData estimated £1.6 billion was spent celebrating this day in 2019, that's the equivalent to just over 6,800 average-priced homes. At current prices, £1.6 billion purchases over 8,400 terraced or 4,400 detached properties. In London, this would purchase 1,723 detached houses, or in Wales 14,000 apartments....

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