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The process of selling your home in Bromley can be daunting, simply because there is so much to consider and plan. It can be especially stressful if you aren’t getting enough viewings on your property, and when you’ve had your home listed for sale for a while, that stress can rise. Homes that are well-marketed and presented will get more viewings, and therefore receive offers...
Winter(proofing) is coming… In many ways, this has been a strange year, hasn’t it? But, you can rely on the seasons to come and go and soon it will be winter. Some people don’t like the cold and the snow and the rain, while some people believe it is a magical time of year. Whatever your thoughts, it is now getting closer to the time when you will need to...
If you’re considering becoming a landlord, there are many elements to consider and understand before you purchase a property. The process of buying a buy-to-let property differs compared to buying a residential property that you will live in yourself, so it’s good to know what exactly to expect. Of course, it’s a long-term investment that shouldn’t be made in haste, so...
If you’re looking to sell your home in Bromley, the first question you might have is, ‘how much is my home in Bromley actually worth?’ Technically, the answer is whatever someone is willing to pay for it, but that answer may not be satisfactory, because you have to put a price on your property once it is listed for sale and you don’t want to undervalue it. The answer...
I think we all knew it was coming, and on Saturday night it was confirmed as Boris Johnson instigated Lockdown 2.0. From yesterday, Thursday, November 5 th  we entered 27 days of lockdown until Wednesday December 2 nd . The good news is that the property market will remain open for renters, buyers and sellers in Bromley. Here we answer your frequently asked questions, so you know...

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