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When you advertise your home online, the exterior photo of your home is most likely going to be posted as the first image and if its looking even slightly shabby, you risk people not clicking on your listing and not seeing everything else that your home has to offer. Similarly when people arrive at your home for a viewing, the exterior is the first thing they will see, and they will form an...
When selling your home in Bromley or surrounding towns, probably the most difficult decision to make is what price to list for. If you price your home high, you could really benefit but your home might sit on the market for some time. If you price low, it could sell quickly and you might even have more than 1 buyer bidding which could drive the price up but that doesn't mean you'll achieve a...
Are you thinking of buying a new build home? In the video below we look at a few things you should consider if you are leaning towards this option! From property value and long term ROI, where you could save money or what not to be afraid of! Contact us today for new build homes in Bromley or surrounding areas.
Phew! It’s been a crazy busy one for us and indeed most agents throughout the UK. The UK property market is continuing to enjoy a boom, with prices still rising in most areas, although with the first stamp duty deadline looming, prices may begin to plateau slightly. Meanwhile though, this has led to record house prices and a skills shortage in the construction industry. Read on to...
The UK is a true melting pot where street names are concerned! We certainly have our favourites, with over 3000 ‘high streets’ and 2000 ‘station roads’ across the country. However, there are also some unusual and hilarious street names hidden across our beautiful counties.

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