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13 Tips To market Your Property & Achieve A Quick Sale

When it comes to selling your property it is all well and good doing some house renovating, maintenanceand staging your property and preparing your house to sell quickly, but these things mean nothing when do not know your house is even for sale.

It is important to speak to your Estate Agent about how they will achieve a quick sale for you, and what type of marketing they will do, whether or not those fees are already included or not. Discover further - the best tips for selling your house quickly!

Sell my house fast

1. Photos

Potential buyers have looked through countless houses, property portals and social media listings, making sure that your photos are high quality, crisp and well lit will make an impression on them and make them remember your home!

The right photos can illustrate to potential buyers how they could live in your property and show them what their life could be like in the future should they choose your home.

Consider even using drone photography to give people a better impression of the exterior space and neighbourhood!  

2. Video

Video brings anything to life as you get a 3D impression of the space!

Video is also massively popular on social media so it is definitely something that you should include in your marketing and selling process!

3. Floor plans

Floor plans allow people to see everything that you have shown them in a simplified birds eye view. This allows them to plan their lifestyle in your home and imagine themselves in the space!

Perhaps there is a nook that was overlooked in photos and videos because to us it seems unimportant, but a potential buyer has been looking for that exact nook to develop a reading space, or safely displaytheir valuable collectors items.

4. Flyers

Imagine your house as a product, a product needs a brochure to show it off and highlight its best attributes while also telling a story, how it might benefit the future buyer and other details that potential buyers need to know but might not be the most exciting thing to talk about!

These brochures can be emailed or posted to your estate agent's database.

5. Email

Agents should all have their own buyers database. These emails are captured from their personal lead generating efforts. They will include people who are actively looking to buy to move, buy to let, buy a holiday home or a retirement home.

6. For Sale Signs

Don't underestimate how powerful a 'for sale' sign could be on your front lawn. People who see that already know the area and have had a peep at your home! Perhaps it could entice someone nearby who hadn't actively thought of moving, but would now like to.

7. Print Media

Don't neglect print media such as local newspapers, magazines. Listing in such places will attract more local buyers.

8. Online Portals

Listing on major online portals shows a level of credibility to your sale. Consider portals such as Rightmove Onthemarket and Zoopla. It is also where people who are actively looking to buy will go so its key that those people are aware of your property.

9. Social Media

Social media is fast becoming a key tool in marketing and selling property. Ensure that your property is posted on your agent's social media platforms and that they are using targeted social media advertising to reach the right demographic in the right location that might want to buy your property.

10. Face To Face

Ensure that you, your agent and friends and family are speaking to other people about your property. We never know who's friend, client, mother in law or colleague might be looking to purchase and they could refer your property.

11.  Open Houses

When possible, its definitely a good idea to have an open house. This allows people to experience the space for themselves, first hand and imagine their lives in the space. It gives them opportunity to see and notice things that would have been lost on photos or videos, like what high ceilings feel like, the warmth of the light coming from the window, or the sound of birds in the backyard.

If in person viewings are not possible, ensure a virtual viewing is available as these have also proven to be successful on social media.

12. PR - get involved in selling your house

If your home has a story to tell, perhaps it was built in a certain era, or a famous person lived there, its important to get press and news coverage on this. Does your agent facilitate this?

13. Networking

Network organisations can offer bigger and better exposure. If your agent is a member of a networking organisation they might have unique value that they can add to the marketing process that isn't readily available to all other agents.

At David James Estate Agents we use all of the above methods and more -  sell your house fast in Bromley for the right price in the best timeframe for you.  Please contact us to find out more.




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